Treatments and Services

Our goal is to help your child live their best life. We have the expertise to care for your child’s medical and surgical needs from birth until age 21.

Members of our team have special training in their fields and in the unique needs of children. We have more than 30 years of experience caring for children with conditions that affect the head and face.

See specific craniofacial conditions to learn more about how we will care for your child.

  • Our craniofacial surgery team provides the highest level of care for conditions that affect bones and soft tissues of the head and face. Learn more.

  • Combining traditional surgery and distraction osteogenesis lets us make bigger corrections in bone position. After a child leaves the hospital, a distractor device is used to move two segments of a bone slowly apart after surgery. New bone grows to fill the gap. Learn more.

  • We offer this minimally invasive option for younger babies with some types of craniosynostosis. Learn more.

  • Treatment to increase facial movement helps children with craniofacial microsomia, Moebius syndrome and other conditions. Learn more.

  • Our team is experienced reshaping the midface, jaw and skull to help children breathe, eat and speak better. These surgeries help children with craniofacial microsomia and syndromes related to craniosynostosis and clefts. Learn more.

  • Our clinic brings together experts from many specialties to care for children who are missing part of chromosome 22. These conditions are called 22q11.2-related disorders. Learn more.

  • 3-D images help our doctors accurately diagnose and plan the best treatment for your child. Learn more.

  • We identify disorders caused by changes in genes. Our clinic also provides information and counsels families. Our goal is to help you make informed medical and personal decisions. Learn more.

  • Our orthodontists are experienced in planning and carrying out treatments that affect the entire face, not just the jaws and bite. They work closely with the rest of the craniofacial treatment team. Learn more.

  • Our team solves feeding problems in children with craniofacial disorders that change how their jaws and mouth work. Learn more.

  • NAM is a nonsurgical way to reshape the gums, lips and nostrils before cleft lip and palate surgery. Making the cleft smaller can reduce the amount of surgery your child needs. Learn more.

  • We provide guidance on what to expect after finding a craniofacial difference on a prenatal ultrasound. This can help you prepare for your baby’s birth and make informed decisions about their care. Learn more.

  • We treat much more than disease. At Seattle Children’s, your child will get care as needed from many experts, including child life specialists, nutritionists and speech therapists. Learn more.