Alyssa Burnett Adult Life Center

Research and Clinical Trials

At the Alyssa Burnett Adult Life Center, we offer opportunities for adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or other intellectual and developmental disabilities  (IDD) and their caregivers to participate in research.

What We Study

Research can show us the best ways to help adults with IDD and their families.

Past, current and upcoming research topics at the center include:

  • Assessing the Needs of Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities on the Internet (SELFI@ABC) — We want to know what kinds of help young adults and their caregivers need to use the Internet. The goal is to create a social media and Internet skills program for adults with IDD.
  • Alyssa Burnett Center Program Evaluation and Quality-of-Life Outcomes — This annual family survey helps us understand our young adults’ quality of life and the impact of our recreation programs. 

Our Approach

We focus on research that:

  • Creates a positive, safe and supportive way to participate
  • Asks our participants to help design the study
  • Makes a real and positive impact on the lives of participants
  • Focuses on equity, diversity and inclusion

To help keep everyone safe, an institutional review board (IRB) reviews and approves all research studies at the center.

How to Take Part in Research

To learn about current research opportunities at the Alyssa Burnett Center or find out about joining a study, see the Contact Us links below.

You can say yes or no to being in a research study (they are voluntary). Your choice will not affect other programs or activities at the center.

Contact Us

Contact us at 425-488-6173 or email us to learn more about the Alyssa Burnett Center or our research.

Principal investigators interested in research at the center, connect with us by email.