Alyssa Burnett Adult Life Center

Payment and Billing

Costs for Classes and Outings 

  • Classes: Tuition for each 12-week quarter at Seattle Children’s Alyssa Burnett Adult Life Center ranges from $240 to $420. Costs depend on class topic and length and whether the quarter has holiday closures.
  • Events and outings: During the year we may visit museums or coffee shops, swim at a pool, pick berries or pumpkins, ride ferries, bike or hike. Costs vary based on event length.
  • See our classes and outings page for descriptions and prices.
  • Our classes and other activities are open to people who have finished our intake process.

Payment and Scholarships

Tuition for all classes is due on the first day of the quarter. If you enroll in the middle of a quarter, payment is due before your first class. We accept payment by:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Check
  • Online with e-check
  • Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) respite hours

We offer scholarships to families with financial need who could benefit from our classes and programs. The Michael Slater Scholarship Fund is funded by our generous supporters. It was named in honor of a former Burnett Adult Life Center student.

“With the financial help of the scholarship, my son is so excited to be able to participate, especially in drama and music. Isaac has become so much more joyful!”

– Samuel, Isaac’s dad, Bellevue, WA

  • Paying by card: We ask for your credit card or debit card information when you register for classes online. We will charge this card on the first day of class.

    Paying by e-check: When you register for classes online, you will be asked for your bank account number and routing number. We will debit your account on the first day of class.

    Paying by check: Write your check to “Seattle Children’s Hospital.” Put “Alyssa Burnett Adult Life Center” in the memo line. Bring your check in person or mail to:

    Seattle Children’s Alyssa Burnett Adult Life Center
    19213 Bothell Way NE
    Bothell, WA 98011

  • We welcome families who want to pay for classes or activities with DDA respite hours.

    • Families who use respite hours must commit to the whole quarter of that class and sign a DDA respite policy agreement. See DDA Policies (PDF).
    • If you do not have enough DDA respite hours to pay for all your classes in a quarter, you must pay out of pocket for the rest of the quarter. We will charge the debit or credit card you provided when you registered.
    • If you do not attend a class for any reason (except for excused absences), you must pay out of pocket for any missed class(es).
    • We can only bill DDA if a student attends and receives services.
    • Please indicate DDA respite hours as a preferred form of payment on your intake form to help us plan. Email us for more information.
    • Please ensure that you are dropped off and picked up within 15 minutes of class starting and ending. Otherwise, we must bill respite hours since you are at our center and under our supervision.
  • To be eligible, students must:

    • Be at least 18 years old.
    • Show financial need.
    • Have completed the Burnett Adult Life Center intake process. Our intake process helps decide if our classes and activities are a good fit for you and which classes are best.

    After completing the intake process, fill out the scholarship application to show your financial need and how our classes and events may benefit you. Provide as much detail as possible.

    • All information you provide will be confidential and only shared with the scholarship committee.
    • The number of classes and recreation activities covered by financial aid will vary based on a family’s need.
    • We grant most scholarships 2 weeks before the quarter starts. Some funds may be available for outings, intake fees and students who enroll during the quarter.
    • The scholarship committee meets quarterly to review applications. If we grant your aid request, we will email you 2 weeks before the start of the upcoming quarter.
    • Families must apply for aid each quarter.
    • The number of scholarships is limited. If you do not receive aid, please apply for a future quarter.

    Please call us at 425-488-6173 or email us with any questions.

  • The first 2 weeks of the quarter are a grace period to decide if the class is a good fit. If you drop a class during the grace period, we will refund the tuition you paid for the rest of the quarter. After the grace period, if you drop the class for any reason, you are responsible for the full quarter’s tuition. Please call us at 425-488-6173 to discuss any concerns.

  • If you are enrolling mid-quarter:

    • If paying with a check or credit or debit card, we will bill you for the classes remaining in the quarter. Payment is due before you attend your first class.
    • If paying with DDA respite hours, we will bill your case manager based on classes and activities you attend.

Attendance Policies

Our curriculum is designed to build on skills learned each week and to promote socialization among a consistent group of peers. To get the full benefit, it is important for you to attend class as often as you can. To report absences or for any scheduling questions, please call 425-488-6173 or email us.


Participation is extremely important to ensure that students are getting the full experience of the classes.

Excused Absences

Excused absences include the following situations pertaining directly to the student:

  • Contagious sickness
  • Seizures
  • Emergent medical issues and procedures
  • DART/Access transportation issues
  • Behaviors that pose a risk to self or others, upon approval from our Behavior Analyst

Unexcused Absences

Unfortunately, we cannot excuse the following absences:

  • Travel/vacation
  • Dentist/Doctor Appointments
  • No Caregiver
  • Private Transportation issues

Students are allotted three excused absences per class, per quarter. For subsequent absences you will be charged out of pocket for any classes missed unless a doctor’s excuse is provided. To communicate any absences or for any scheduling questions please contact us at 425-488-6173 or


If for any reason, a participant does not show up for registered classes without notification within 24 hours after the class has ended, you will not be eligible for any type of refund or credit.

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