Alyssa Burnett Adult Life Center

Intake Process

High Volume Alert

Please note that we are currently experiencing a high volume of intake applications. Completion of the intake process will allow your student to enroll in classes and activities for the following quarter.

The Alyssa Burnett Adult Life Center serves a broad range of adults with developmental disabilities. We build on your strengths, help you connect with others and promote independence.

Below is information on how to join our program, which first includes our intake process that helps us decide which activities would be best for you.

About Our Participants

Our classes, outings and support groups are suited for people who:  

  • Have autism spectrum disorder or other developmental disabilities.
  • Are at least 18 years old or turn 18 during the first quarter in which they register.

We welcome people who:

  • Want to socialize, have fun, build skills and learn among a supportive group of peers.
  • Are in a high school transition program or other school program.
  • Are heading to college or a job.
  • Need high levels of support or supervision for daily activities. If a participant needs help from a caregiver, their caregiver must attend class with them.

If you have any of the following challenges, please call 425-488-6173 or email us so our team can figure out how to best support your participation:

  • Serious disruptive behaviors (extreme physical aggression toward self or others)
  • Verbal aggression with intent to threaten or harm others
  • Destruction of property with the intent to hurt another person or self
  • Emergency medication needs
  • Symptoms of psychosis

How to Join our Program

Follow these steps to take part in our services.

  • Step 1: Fill out the initial screening form

    You can use any of these methods:

    • Fill out the online form.
    • Download the form (PDF). Print it, fill out the form and return it to us by email (after scanning or taking a photo), mail or fax, or bring it to the center in person. (The email address, mailing and physical address and fax number are at the bottom of the form.)
    • Get a hard copy of the form by calling us at 425-488-6173 or emailing us.
    • Call us at 425-488-6173 to do the form by phone with a staff member from the center. If you use a language other than English, please call 866-583-1527, choose your language and ask to speak to the Alyssa Burnett Adult Life Center.
  • Step 2: Gather any other paperwork we need

    Along with your initial screening form, please provide any of the following that apply to you:

    • Person-Centered Service Plan if your family is using Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) funding. This assessment is done with a DDA case manager each year. You can get it from your case manager. The form is titled “Person-Centered Service Plan (PCSP) Current Annual DDA Assessment Details.”
    • Individualized education program (IEP). This document is done for students in public schools to help them reach their goals.
    • Care plans or tips from supported living services or group homes. 

    If you fill out the online screening form, you will be able to upload and submit other files with it.

    If you do your screening form another way, you will have other options for sending paperwork to us. See step 3.

  • Step 3: Send us your initial screening form and any other paperwork

    You can use any of these methods:

  • Step 4: Complete a “student support needs” interview

    After we receive your paperwork, we will schedule a time with you to do this interview by phone. The interview will help us learn about you and how we can best support you at the center.

  • Step 5: Schedule an intake appointment

    Next, we will send you an email with links so you can do the following (or we can help you over the phone):

    • Set up an online iClass account, which you will use to schedule your intake appointment. (The set-up steps are in the email.)
    • Schedule your in-person or virtual intake appointment.
      • Participants who do an in-person intake appointment can enroll in in-person and virtual services by Zoom.
      • Participants who do a virtual intake appointment by Zoom can only enroll in virtual services.
    • Take our online quality-of-life survey. This helps us learn how the center may affect your life and how we can plan future programs. 

    We will send you a separate email to confirm your intake appointment.

  • Step 6: Attend your intake appointment

    During your intake appointment, you will meet with members of our team. They will:

    • Answer any questions you may have.
    • Help decide the best fit for classes.
    • Check if you need a caregiver or other supports while at the center.
    • Give you a tour of the center (for in-person appointments).
    • Give you a chance to see classes that are taking place that day (for in-person appointments).
    • Give you a photo release form asking if we can take your photo during activities and classes at the center. It is okay to say no. If you are okay with having photos taken, fill out the form and give it back to us.
  • Step 7: Sign up for your first quarter of classes

    At the end of your appointment, we will look over the class calendar and catalog together to see what interests you. You can choose activities and make a schedule based on your interests and class openings.

    If a class is full, we will add you to a waiting list and tell you when we have openings.

    Read more about our classes and outings.

  • Step 8: Pay your tuition

    Tuition for classes is due on the first day of the quarter. If you enroll after the quarter starts, payment is due before your first class. We offer scholarships to families with financial need who could benefit from our classes and programs.

    Learn about class costs, scholarships and payments. 

How to Register After Your First Quarter 

About a month before the start of each new quarter, we will email you a link to register for classes, activities and outings. If you need help to register, please call 425-488-6173.

  • Log into your iClass account to register. (If you have not taken classes since we changed our online system during the summer of 2019, you will need to set up an iClass account. Call or email us if you need instructions or help.)
  • If you have not taken classes for a year or more, we may reach out to you by phone or email to check in about any changes (like behavior or medicines) that we might need to know about before you return for services.
  • If you did not get an email and you want to register for classes, please call us.

Contact Us

Contact us at 425-488-6173 or email us to learn more, arrange a tour or ask questions about the intake process or enrolling.

Read about our classes and outings.

We welcome instructors, volunteers, interns and donors. See how to get involved

“It changed our lives. I feel like I have my son back.”

– Tucker’s dad, Kim, Woodinville