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Community Benefit and Advocacy

Caring for Our Community

At Seattle Children’s, we’re always thinking of the health and well-being of every child, teen and family in the community. We reach beyond our hospital every day to provide programs and services to make children, teens and families safer and healthier where they live. Our commitment to caring for the community is our passion, our duty and our privilege.

2019 Community Benefits

We’re proud to share our 2018/2019 Community Benefit Report (PDF), which summarizes our activities in the community. Through our uncompensated care, health professional education, research and community programs and services, we provided more than $231 million in community benefit activities:

Community Benefit and Advocacy Programs

Our commitment to caring for the community is our passion, our duty, and our privilege. We advocate for children and their families and offer resources and services where they live. Read about our 2020-2023 Community Benefit priority areas (PDF). More information is below.

Next Steps

Assessing the health of the community is an important step in developing community benefit programs. The results of the assessment helped us focus our efforts on the most urgent community health needs and currently we are developing our 2020-2023 Community Health Improvement Strategies. We have identified the following priority areas to work on:

  • Mental and Behavioral Health
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Suicide and Injury Prevention
  • Economic Security

Past Community Benefit Reports

All files are PDFs.

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