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Morgan Sedensky TeamThe Morgan and Sedensky laboratories share a team to support their search for a cure for mitochondrial diseases.

Philip G. Morgan, MD

Philip G. Morgan, MD

Phil Morgan, MD, is a principal investigator at Seattle Children's Research Institute. He is also a professor in the Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine at the University of Washington. He came to Seattle Children's in 2008 after working more than 20 years at Case Western Reserve University, where he and Margaret Sedensky, MD, became recognized as leaders in understanding anesthetic interactions in mitochondrial disease. He received an MD from the University of Colorado School of Medicine. He completed a residency and fellowship in anesthesiology at the University Hospitals of Cleveland, and a fellowship in pediatric anesthesiology at the University of Washington.

  • Nicole Brockway

    Nicole Brockway

    Laboratory Technician

  • Beverley Dancy, PhD

    Beverley Dancy, PhD

    Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Ernst-Bernhard Kayser, PhD

    Ernst-Bernhard Kayser, PhD

    Laboratory Director

  • Phil  Morgan,  MD
  • Beatrice Predoi, MD

    Beatrice Predoi, MD

    Laboratory Technician

  • Christian Woods

    Christian Woods

    Research Associate III