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Selected Publications

Listed below is a selection of recent publications from the Stuart Lab.

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Whole blood transcriptome changes following controlled human malaria infection in malaria pre-exposed volunteers correlate with parasite prepatent period. Rothen J, Murie C, Carnes J, … Stuart K, et al. PLoS One. 2018; 13(6): e0199392.

Multicohort analysis reveals baseline transcriptional predictors of influenza vaccination responses. HIPC-CHI Signatures Project Team and HIPC-I Consortium. Sci Immunol. 2017 Aug 25; 2(14).

Controlled human malaria infection leads to long-lasting changes in innate and innate-like lymphocyte populations. Mpina M, Maurice N, Yajima M, … Stuart KD, et al. J Immunol. 2017 Jul 1;199(1):107-118. 

Identification by Random Mutagenesis of Functional Domains in KREPB5 That Differentially Affect RNA Editing Between Life Cycle Stages of Trypanosoma bruceiMcDermott SM, Carnes J, Stuart K. Mol Cell Biol. 2015 Dec;35(23):3945-61.

Differential Editosome Protein Function Between Life Cycle Stages of Trypanosoma bruceiMcDermott SM, Guo X, Carnes J, Stuart KJ. Biol Chem. 2015 Oct 9;290(41):24914-31 

Inositol Phosphate Pathway Controls Transcription of Telomeric Expression Sites in Trypanosomes. Cestari I, Stuart K. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2015 May 26;112(21):E2803-12.

Bloodstream form Trypanosoma brucei do not Require mRPN1 for gRNA ProcessingCarnes J, Lerch M, Kurtz I, Stuart K. RNA. 2015 Jan;21(1):28-35.

Computer-aided Discovery of Trypanosoma brucei RNA-editing Terminal Uridylyl Transferase 2 InhibitorsDemir O, Labaied M, Merritt C, Stuart K, Amaro RE. Chem Biol Drug Des. 2014 Aug;84(2):131-9.

Genetic Validation of Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetases as Drug Targets in Trypanosoma bruceiSavitha Kalidas, Igor Cestari, Severine Monnerat, Qiong Li, Sandesh Regmi, Nicholas Hasle, Mehdi Labaied, Marilyn Parsons, Kenneth Stuart, and Margaret A. Phillips. Eukaryot Cell. 2014 Apr; 13(4): 504–516.

N1,N1-dimethyl-N3-(3-(trifluoromethyl)phenethyl)propane-1,3-diamine, a new lead for the treatment of human African trypanosomiasisNgoc B. Pham,Sophie Deydier, Mehdi Labaied, Séverine Monnerat, Kenneth Stuart, and Ronald J. Quinn. Eur J Med Chem. 2014 Mar 3; 74: 541–551.

A Multiple Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetase Complex That Enhances tRNA-Aminoacylation in African TrypanosomesIgor Cestari, Savitha Kalidas, Severine Monnerat, Atashi Anupama, Margaret A. Phillips, and Kenneth StuartMol Cell Biol. 2013 Dec; 33(24): 4872–4888