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Informational Alert

Due to a measles case in the community, please call before coming to Seattle Children’s if you or your child has potential measles symptoms.


Meet the Team

  • Nina   Derby,  PhD

    Nina Derby, PhD

    Research Scientist IV

    Research Interests: HIV/SIV pathogenesis in tissues, especially liver; liver spatial immunology during health and disease; interplay of host, pathogens, and commensal microbiota in disease. Email: Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC. Education: Smith College, BA; University of Washington, PhD. Interests outside of lab: running, cooking, gardening. Fun Fact: I have three wild and lovely children.

  • Zachariah  Fincher

    Zachariah Fincher

    Research Technician I

    Research interests: Neuroscience, immunology, microscopy. Email: Hometown: Friday Harbor, WA. Education: University of Washington, BS in Neuroscience and Biochemistry. Interests outside of lab: Yoga, birding, DnD, and board games. Fun fact: I lost my sense of smell for 15 years.

  • Brooke  Johnson

    Brooke Johnson

    Research Technician I

    Research interests: infectious disease and immunology. Email: Hometown: Camano Island, WA. Education: Western Washington University, BS in Cellular and Molecular Biology. Interests outside of lab: Hiking kayaking, cycling, watching movies, and playing video games. Fun fact: When I was 15, I totaled a car five days after getting my learner’s permit – oops!

  • Cris  Luevano-Santos

    Cris Luevano-Santos

    Research Technician II

    Research interests: Anything medical with the goal of developing new medicines or medical procedures, and how best to use this research to help those who need it most. Email: Hometown: Auburn, WA. Education: Saint Martin’s University, BS in Biology. Interests outside of lab: volunteering, my dog Goku, drawing things and painting stuff (I have this belief that I have the innate ability to do anything art related and I have yet to be proven wrong). Fun Fact: I couldn’t speak until I was 5 years old but I became bilingual by age 7.

  • Kim  Meyer

    Kim Meyer

    Research Technician II

    Research interests: vaccine design, adaptive immunity, pathogenesis, host-pathogen interactions. Email: Hometown: Anacortes, WA. Education: Gonzaga University, BS in Biology, Research Concentration. Interests outside of lab: I love to hike, bake, read, take dance classes, and explore Seattle!  Fun Fact: I have three extra bones in my mouth! They’re called tori, and I didn’t know they were weird until I was in high school.

Contact Us

Don Sodora, PhD

For questions or inquiries,

Physical Address

Center for Global Infectious Disease Research
307 Westlake Ave. N
Seattle, WA 98109

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