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Frenkel Lab

Welcome to the Frenkel Lab

The Frenkel Lab’s research focuses on several areas:

  • Understanding the mechanisms that allow HIV to persist during antiretroviral therapy (ART). Our goal is to better enable interventions to cure HIV infection.
  • Developing a practical, affordable test – called a point mutation assay – for detecting drug-resistant HIV
  • Providing insights into reservoirs of drug-resistant HIV
  • Pathogenesis of HIV disease. Specifically, we investigate why HIV-infected individuals experience morbidities and die at younger ages even despite ART.

To learn more about the Frenkel Lab's projects and publications, please visit our University of Washington website.

Investigator Biography

Lisa FrenkelDr. Lisa Frenkel is an internationally recognized expert on HIV and infectious disease. She is co-director of the Center for Global Infectious Disease Research at Seattle Children's Research Institute; professor of pediatric infectious diseases, laboratory medicine and global health at the University of Washington; and co-director of Seattle Children's pediatric infectious diseases and virology clinic.