Meet Our Members

The Treuman Katz Center for Pediatric Bioethics, led by Dr. Douglas J. Opel, interim director, is the first bioethics center in the country to focus on pediatric issues and serves as a national resource for addressing the complex bioethical issues affecting families, healthcare institutions and society.



Center Business Office

Center Business Manager

Colleen Lee
Contact for center finance/activities, HR, and payroll (hiring, terminating, visa, etc.), ETM, Lawson approvals, equipment repair and maintenance, space allocation, non-PI assigned gift accounts, default payroll.

Grants and Contracts Support

CCTR GCA Mailbox
Contact for grant applications, contracts, LOE certification, budget monitoring, progress reports, just-in-time requests.

Administrative and Programmatic Support

Debbie Poon
Contact for general inquiries, Lawson orders, capital equipment orders, NEAT, seminar, Concur (travel preauthorization and reimbursement).