Cover of Challenging Cases in Clinical Research EthicsChallenging Cases in Clinical Research Ethics

Edited by Benjamin S. Wilfond, Devan M. Duenas, Liza-Marie Johnson and Holly A. Tabor.

1st Edition, CRC Press. Published November 23, 2023.

Clinical research ethics consultation has emerged in the last 15 years as a service to those involved in clinical research who face challenging issues for which more than one course of action may be justified. To respond to a growing field and need for opportunities to share knowledge and experience, the Clinical Research Ethics Consultation Collaborative, established in 2014, holds monthly webinars for its 90 members to present their most challenging cases to each other and engage in substantive discussion. Every year, the group selects the four most interesting cases with two to four accompanying commentaries for publication in the American Journal of Bioethics.

This book brings together 28 cases and related commentaries under a range of common themes, creating a permanent collection in book format that encourages and supports readers to gain a better understanding of the ethical challenges that they may face, and providing them with a convenient and reflective resource to reference in their own deliberations.

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