Your Child's Hospital Stay

During Your Child's Stay

Your Child's Healthcare Team

Children’s is a teaching hospital. Your child will receive care from a team that may include many doctors and staff members.

A registered nurse (RN) on each shift is assigned to care for your child. The RN is your main contact with other members of your child's healthcare team. This nurse will teach you and your child about their care during and after a surgery or hospital stay.

Learn more about specific roles on your child's healthcare team.

Inpatient Rooms

Your child will be assigned to a room based on their diagnosis, age and sex. When rooms are shared, please be respectful of other children and families. Each inpatient bed has a television and telephone.

Your Child’s Schedule, Unit Rules and Safety

When you are admitted, you will receive a unit brochure that has unit-specific information about your child’s healthcare team, your child’s schedule, how to keep your child safe, specific unit rules and more. Your nurse will go over most of this information, but please read and ask questions.

Important Things to Bring

Insurance cards

Bring your health insurance and prescription cards.

Medical coupons

Remember to bring coupons if your child is on Medicaid, DSHS, Apple Health or Basic Health Plus.

Legal papers

Birth or adoptive parents do not need to bring a birth certificate or any other legal papers. If you are a legal guardian, we will need to see the legal papers that say so.

If you are the parent, but do not have legal custody, we will need to see the legal papers that allow you to make healthcare decisions for your child.

If you do not have the legal papers we need to see, call our Social Work Department at 206-987-2760 (voice) or 206-987-5186 (TTY) for help.

List of medicines

Bring a list of the prescription and non-prescription medicines and vitamin supplements your child is taking, including the name, dosage and concentration. If you do not have a list, feel free to bring the actual bottles of medicines or vitamins. It’s important you do not give your child medicines from home while at Children’s. Learn more.


Children’s provides gowns and footwear, but your child may feel better in his their own clothes, like sweat pants, large T-shirts, socks, underwear, pajamas, etc.

Play and comfort items

A favorite blanket, toy, book, video or music (with headphones), phone or computer will help soothe your child. Consider bringing pictures of family, friends and pets.

Car seat or booster seat

Remember to use a car seat or booster seat or seat belt (depending on your child's age and weight) when transporting your child.

Visiting Policy, Amenities, Food Options, Special Needs and More

To learn more about the hospital campus hospital services, see the Hospital Campus Visitor and Family Guide.

Media Requests

If anyone from the media plans to join you for your child’s appointment, you need permission before they can come to the hospital. Call Seattle Children’s Public Relations at 206-987-4500 or email.