Your Child's Hospital Stay

Before You Arrive For a Hospital Stay

If you know your child will be staying in the hospital, you will have some things to take care of before they come. We suggest you start checking off these items at least 1 week before your child arrives.

Arrange for a Place to Stay, Food and Transportation

If your child is spending the night at in the hospital, you will want to look at sleepingtransportation and food options. If you need help finding a place to stay or transportation in Seattle or Bellevue, contact Guest Services.

To get help with transportation, a place to stay, or for questions about your visit, contact Guest Services.

To learn more about hospital campus amenities, see the Hospital Campus Visitor and Family Guide.

Arrange Child Care for Siblings

Day procedure

The length and nature of your visit may make it difficult for young children to attend. If children attend, we recommend bringing another adult to supervise.

If you need to bring siblings, we have a free, supervised playroom for brothers and sisters ages 3 to 11 who are toilet-trained. They may stay for two hours, and there are no reservations. As long as there is space, we allow siblings in.

To learn more, look for "Sibling Playrooms" on the Child Life page.

Staying overnight and in the hospital

Siblings are not allowed to stay overnight. You will need to make other child care arrangements.

To find out when siblings and others can visit, see our Visitor Policy.

Tell Us About Religious or Cultural Beliefs, Access or Other Special Needs

Let us know about cultural beliefs or unique needs that may affect you child's treatment and care.


We offer free interpreters for Deaf and hard-of-hearing, and non-English languages. We should have arranged them when you scheduled.


If you need a wheelchair when you arrive, let us know at 206-987-3360.

Send Medical Records

If requested, ask your child's doctor (s) to send medical records, X-rays or test results to the hospital

Get Insurance Authorization

Ask your insurance company if you need a managed-care referral from your child's primary doctor and/or pre-authorization for your child's hospital stay..

To learn more, visit our Insurance section. For questions, call Seattle Children’s Insurance Processing Department at 206-987-5757.

Fax Managed-Care Insurance Referral

If you do need a managed-care referral, ask your child's doctor to fax us at 206-985-3297.

Important: Make sure we receive the insurance referral at least four business days before your child's admission.

To learn more, visit our Insurance section. For questions, call Seattle Children’s Insurance Processing Department at 206-987-5757.

Apply for Financial Assistance

Learn more about financial assistance.

Media Requests

If anyone from the media plans to join you for your child’s appointment, you need permission before they can come to the hospital. Call Seattle Children’s Public Relations at 206-987-4500 or email.