Seattle Children's Legacy Advisors

Legacy Advisor Resources

The Legacy Planning team at Seattle Children's Hospital and Research Foundation serves as an important charitable planning resource for estate and financial planning advisors. By working in partnership with professional advisors, we hope to educate the greater community on the benefits of charitable planning and inspire a new community of philanthropists who are able to address their needs for financial security and family legacy while investing in programs that enhance the health and well-being of children.

Seattle Children's Legacy Advisors

Visit Seattle Children's Legacy Advisors to learn about an exciting community of professional advisors who are partners with Seattle Children's in educating the public about the benefits of charitable planning.  

Other Resources and Services for Advisors

To provide professional advisors with the support they need for continuing education, charitable case planning, networking and client development, our Trust Services and Legacy Planning Department provides the following services:

  • Continuing education courses, taught by tax-exempt planning experts and authors that update and increase advisors' knowledge of charitable planning techniques and issues.
  • Case planning study group sessions that enable practitioners to benefit from the problem-solving assistance of tax-exempt planning experts.
  • Short but intensive training for an accounting or financial planning agency on the uses of charitable planning vehicles for problem solving.
  • Complimentary case consultation services to help professionals incorporate the benefits of charitable vehicles in the financial, business succession and estate plans of their clients.
  • Planned giving calculations and bound proposals, making use of Crescendo, PGCalc and NumberCruncher software programs and our own spreadsheet programs, to help illustrate the benefits of various charitable planning vehicles.
  • Weekly email GiftLaw newsletter with legislative developments, new private letter rulings and revenue rulings, case studies and other issues relevant to tax-exempt planners.
  • Seminar presentations and marketing brochures to help present the benefits of charitable planning vehicles to current and prospective clients.
  • Templates for gift agreements that can be reviewed and adapted by the client's legal counsel for the particular needs and circumstances of their clients.
  • Flexibility with respect to client's desire to be trustee of charitable trusts and to hire the professional advisors to be in charge of investment management and trust administration.
  • Networking events that help advisors meet professionals in other areas of estate and financial planning.

Please contact us if you would like additional information on these services.