Peter J. Myler, PhD

Peter J. Myler, PhD

Infectious Disease Research

Children's Title: Professor

Academic Title: Affiliate Professor, University of Washington

Research Center: Center for Global Infectious Disease Research

  • Peter Myler, PhD, is professor at the Center for Global Infectious Disease Research. He earned his PhD in biochemistry in 1982 from the University of Queensland while studying malaria proteins at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research in Brisbane, Australia. After post-doctoral research on antigenic variation in African trypanosomes at the Issaquah Health Research Institute (the predecessor to Seattle Biomed, the Center for Infectious Disease Research and the Center for Global Infectious Disease Research) and Washington State University, he returned to Seattle Biomed in 1985 and played a leading role in its subsequent development. Myler began an appointment as assistant professor in pathobiology at the University of Washington in 1993 and continues as an affiliate professor in the Departments of Global Health and Biomedical Informatics & Medical Education, as well as a member of the Molecular and Cellular Biology program. Since the mid 1990’s, he has been at the forefront of applying genomic technologies (such as expression profiling and proteomics) to increase understanding of molecular mechanisms underlying regulation of gene expression during Leishmania differentiation. In 2001, he became actively involved in structural genomics, and is currently director and PI of the Seattle Structural Genomics Center for Infectious Disease (SSGCID), which is funded under a contract from NIAID. 


Research Description

The Myler Lab uses cutting-edge genomic, bioinformatics and molecular approaches to study gene function and protein structure in a variety of infectious disease organisms. Learn more.

Research Focus Area

Global Health, Infectious Disease, Leishmaniasis, Structural Genomics, Systems Biology, Trypanosomiasis