Liver Organ Donation

There is an urgent need for organ donation in the United States, where more than 100,000 people are currently waiting for lifesaving organ transplants.

Seattle Children’s provides specialty care across a 6-state region: Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Montana, Idaho and Hawaii. We are uniquely positioned to search for viable organs in a wider geographic area than many other children’s hospitals.

Our doctors and surgeons are working to improve the situation for children who need transplants. They are actively involved with the national United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) committees.

At Seattle Children’s, we perform:

  • Deceased-donor liver transplants. Deceased donors are people whose organs have been made available for donation at their own request before death or by their families after death. Learn more about organ allocation (the process of deciding who gets an organ).
  • Living-donor liver transplants. Living donors are people who volunteer to give an organ or part of an organ while they are alive. Learn more about living-donor liver transplants at Seattle Children’s.