What to Expect

Clinic Visit

See how to prepare your child and what to expect during a Neuropsychology evaluation. (PDF) (Russian) (Spanish)

  • Things to do before your appointment
    • Gather your child’s testing records, Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) or 504 plans and report cards from your child’s school.
    • Before your child’s appointment, we may set up a discussion to learn more about your child and your goals for the evaluation. This takes about an hour. We often use video visits (telehealth).
    • Learn more about what to do before your appointment.
  • What happens after the appointment?
    • We review the results and may gather more information from your child’s provider or school.
    • We may schedule a follow-up visit to talk about results and recommendations. This visit may be in person or by video (telehealth). During your first visit, we will decide if your child should attend the follow-up visit.
    • After we talk about the results, we will add the report to your child’s medical record. You can view it online by logging in to your MyChart account.
    • Based on your child’s needs, we may work with their healthcare team or their school team to help your child qualify for an IEP or 504 plan. Schools use these plans to guide services they can provide to your child.
    • Follow-up visits are determined by your child’s needs and may include consultation or repeat testing.
  • Directions, parking and entering
    • Find our location.
    • Arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to allow time for registration.

More Information

For more information on visiting Seattle Children’s clinics, please see Your Child’s Clinic Visit.

Contact Us

We only accept referrals for patients already being treated for a medical condition that affects their brain. If you would like an appointment, ask your Seattle Children's medical provider to refer you. See the types of referrals we accept.

If you have been referred, we will call you to schedule an appointment when you reach the top of the wait list. If you need to contact us, please call 206-987-6944.

    If you already have an appointment, learn more about how to prepare and what to expect

    Telemedicine at Seattle Children’s

    We often use phone or video appointments (telehealth) to interview parents or caregivers to learn more about your child and for the follow-up visit to review results. Learn more.

    Paying for Care

    Learn about paying for care at Seattle Children’s, including insurance coverage, billing and financial assistance.