Home Care Services

Contact Us and Location

Contact us to schedule an appointment or ask questions about your child's home-care plan, medicine, supplies, equipment or shipments and deliveries.

Family Supply Order Line 

Family Support Lines 

After Hours

If you need Home Care Services after regular business hours, call us at 425-482-4000 or, toll-free, 800-888-4429. Your call will be received by our answering service, who will contact our on-call staff (a nurse, pharmacist, respiratory therapist and a delivery representative). One of our on-call staff will return your call promptly. Always let the answering service know if you have an urgent situation. Our on-call clinician will problem-solve with you and determine if action must be taken before morning.

Please Call Us Immediately If 

  • You have questions about medication procedures
  • You suspect possible adverse drug reactions or medical problems
  • You need help with troubleshooting your child's equipment
  • You need reminders on how to use your equipment or supplies
  • Anything causes you concern for your child's safety 

Call Us the Next Day If 

  • Your child is hospitalized
  • There is a change in the prescription
  • The therapy ends or changes
  • You need to order supplies
  • Your supply needs change for any reason