Home Care Services

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Please read this message regarding your medical equipment.

When your child needs medical care at home, our Home Care Services team provides safe, high-quality therapies and services and one-on-one training to support you and your family. We're here to make sure you are comfortable taking care of your child's health and using medical equipment at home. Our goal is to help you become as independent as you can in carrying out your child's care plan.

Our team of pediatric professionals and experienced support staff help make caring for your child at home as easy as it can be. As part of the healthcare team, we work with you and your child's other healthcare providers to make sure your child's care is coordinated, comprehensive and safe. When your child becomes a Home Care Services patient, we will give you written materials to support what we teach you during one-on-one sessions before you leave the hospital. We have more than 100 handouts and will provide you with the ones you need, when you need them, to help you care for your child.

After you and your child go home, we will continue to partner with you over the phone, in person and back at Seattle Children's or a Seattle Children's regional clinic. We will either deliver or ship your medications, formula, equipment or supplies directly to you when you need them. We are available 24 hours a day for consultation, family support and delivery of medical equipment, supplies, formula and medication.

Services We Offer

  • Home infusion therapies (like antibiotics, TPN and hydration)

    Sometimes children need to have therapy by IV. Our pharmacists and nurses can help you with a plan to provide medications to your child at home. We teach you how to administer the medication and use the pumps for the therapy. Our nurses are available to change IV site dressing and we do lab draws when necessary. Our pharmacists and nurses follow-up by phone to help make sure therapy is on track and monitor your child's progress during phone consultations with you.

  • Nutrition therapies (including tube feeding)

    Our dietitians and nurses can develop a plan to help your child get proper nutrition when medical conditions limit the amount they can eat or drink on their own. We teach you how to provide nutrition therapy, whether by mouth or through formula tubes, and how to use pumps that deliver nutrients. Our dietitians and nurses follow-up by phone to help make sure therapy is on track and monitor your child's progress during phone consultations with you.

  • Respiratory home medical equipment (like oxygen, ventilators and CPAP)

    When children need help to breathe, we can help you with all aspects of respiratory home care. We develop care plans for your child and deliver medical equipment and supplies, such as ventilators, oxygen and continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines. We also teach you how to use and maintain the equipment. Our respiratory therapists can visit your home whenever necessary and will follow-up with phone consultations.

Home Care Services also offers:

  • Education and training prior to hospital discharge by respiratory therapists, nurses and dietitians
  • Consultation with our pharmacists, nurses, respiratory therapists and dietitians about your child's therapy and equipment needs
  • Insurance verification and checks on insurance eligibility
  • Personalized supplies delivery coordination services
  • Direct deliveries and shipments to your home or designated drop site
  • Home visits by respiratory therapists and nurses
  • Biomedical equipment repair and maintenance