Home Care Services

Information for Families Receiving Supplies from Home Care Services

As COVID-19 continues to spread in our community, Seattle Children’s Home Care Services is taking steps to conserve supplies so we can continue to provide all our families with the supplies they need to care for their child at home.

Because of this conservation effort, you will notice that your next shipment of supplies from Home Care Services is smaller than you are used to receiving. In some cases, we will ask you to clean and reuse some supplies that can be safely reused.

  • Ventilator Circuits will be reduced to two (2) circuits per month for one ventilator and four (4) circuits per month for two ventilators. Accessories like connectors and adapters for ventilators will also be reduced.
  • Gloves will be limited to a maximum of three (3) boxes per month and only available to families who require trach care and tracheal suctioning.
  • Suction Catheters and Suctioning Supplies will need to be conserved. We can provide you with guidance on how to conserve use and manage your supply quantities.    

We understand that these changes are difficult and we appreciate your understanding. Please check this page periodically to stay updated on any other changes we may need to make.

Information in Spanish (PDF)

Services We Offer

  • Sometimes children need to have therapy by IV. Our pharmacists and nurses can help you with a plan to provide medications to your child at home. We teach you how to administer the medication and use the pumps for the therapy. Our nurses are available to change IV site dressing and we do lab draws when necessary. Our pharmacists and nurses follow-up by phone to help make sure therapy is on track and monitor your child's progress during phone consultations with you.

  • Our dietitians and nurses can develop a plan to help your child get proper nutrition when medical conditions limit the amount they can eat or drink on their own. We teach you how to provide nutrition therapy, whether by mouth or through formula tubes, and how to use pumps that deliver nutrients. Our dietitians and nurses follow-up by phone to help make sure therapy is on track and monitor your child's progress during phone consultations with you.

  • When children need help to breathe, we can help you with all aspects of respiratory home care. We develop care plans for your child and deliver medical equipment and supplies, such as ventilators, oxygen and continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines. We also teach you how to use and maintain the equipment. Our respiratory therapists can visit your home whenever necessary and will follow-up with phone consultations.

  • We provide medical equipment, including wheelchairs, blood pressure monitors and nebulizers, which we can deliver directly to your home or make available for pick-up at our Bothell location. We are available for phone consultations to help you use and maintain your child's equipment. 

    • Education and training prior to hospital discharge by respiratory therapists, nurses and dietitians
    • Consultation with our pharmacists, nurses, respiratory therapists and dietitians about your child’s therapy and equipment needs
    • Insurance verification and checks on insurance eligibility
    • Personalized supplies delivery coordination services
    • Direct deliveries and shipments to your home or designated drop site
    • Home visits by respiratory therapists and nurses
    • Biomedical equipment repair and maintenance