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Complex Monochorionic Multiples Management

Seattle Children’s and UW Medicine’s Maternal Fetal Intervention and Surgery Program Offers Complex Monochorionic Multiples Management

The Maternal Fetal Intervention and Surgery Program, part of Seattle Children’s Fetal Care and Treatment Center, offers complex monochorionic multiples management. Our team of maternal-fetal surgeons have nearly 20 years of experience caring for birth defects and anomalies in monochorionic multiples. We understand the challenges families face and create the most caring, seamless experience possible. We work closely with our referring obstetric and maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) providers to ensure the best approach for each patient.

We are experienced with conditions including:

  • Twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS), including twin anemia polycythemia syndrome (TAPS)
  • Twin reversed arterial perfusion (TRAP)
  • Selective intrauterine growth restriction (SIUGR)
  • Discordant anomalies
  • Surveillance for any monochorionic multiple pregnancy seeking detailed surveillance between 12 and 26 weeks of pregnancy

We offer:

  • Consultations, including second opinions for complex monochronic multiples with our team in Seattle or via telemedicine
  • Consultations for providers seeking guidance for care of monochorionic multiples
  • Expectant management
  • General information about the specific needs of complex multiple pregnancies, including nutrition, supplements and prematurity prevention
  • Fetal intervention and surgery for families, including:
    • Laser ablation
    • Radiofrequency ablation
    • Bipolar cord coagulation
    • Amnioreduction
    • Amniocentesis
    • Chorionic villus sampling
    • Fetal intrauterine blood transfusion

To consult on a patient or refer a patient:

For urgent maternal-fetal intervention or surgery concerns, an appointment request form is not required. Call 206-987-4137 to speak with Melissa Dorn, the fetal intervention nurse coordinator.

For all other patients, please fill out our Maternal Fetal Intervention and Surgery Appointment Request Form (PDF) (DOC) and fax to 206-985-3274.

Please include with referral:

  • Patient demographics
  • Insurance information
  • Prenatal panel (blood type/screen, HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B, rubella) and any other pertinent lab results
  • Ultrasound reports, MFM consult notes and prenatal history
  • Genetic counseling notes, pedigree and test results (if applicable)

What you can expect:

  • Detailed ultrasounds
  • Expert consultation
  • Procedures, when indicated and desired

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