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Due to a measles case in the community, please call before coming to Seattle Children’s if you or your child has potential measles symptoms.


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Seattle Children's Sickle Cell Disease Program

Pediatric Expert Care With Compassion

Our team of local providers is working every day to ensure kids with sickle cell disease have full, active lives. With lifesaving treatments, education and preventative screenings, Seattle Children’s aims to be a support system for your child - from their health to life at school and at home.

“Seattle Children's and OBCC helped to save my daughter's life. They are like our backbone, standing with us.”

– Amna, Jude’s mom

Jude’s pain started at just four days old. Her family was scared and heartbroken, so they went looking for answers – and found Seattle Children’s, together with the Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic.

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Treating the most kids with sickle cell disease in the Pacific Northwest.

Consistently ranked one of the nation’s best children’s hospitals.

Caring for Families Across the Region

From the North End to the Central District to the South End, local providers are coming together to offer the personalized care that kids in our community need. Your child’s care is led by experts in their fields at Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic and the Cancer and Blood Disorders Center at Seattle Children’s hospital campus, with a dedicated and supportive team of sickle cell providers.

Meet Your Sickle Cell Team

Our team ranges from a social worker to a psychologist to help your child and family through the challenges of living with sickle cell. Genetic counseling and testing can help parents and other family members understand the chance of having the sickle cell gene or passing it on.

Jacob McCullough

Jacob McCullough

Lauren Fraizer, MSW

Lauren Fraizer, MSW

Enjoli Harris

Enjoli Harris

Katie Bergstrom, MS, CGC

Katie Bergstrom, MS, CGC

Support for Your Whole Family

Having sickle cell disease can be stressful for the entire family. If your child has an urgent need, we will see them right away.
Our services support both urgent and long-term needs.

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What to expect

During visits, we take time to explain your child’s condition, so you can fully understand all your treatment options. Read about our services for patients and families, from financial counseling to interpreter services.

Doctor holding hands of child being treated for sickle cell disease

Improving care, every day

Seattle Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center and the Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic are working together to develop the Sickle Cell Disease Program to offer the best care possible for our patients. We’re so grateful for the incredible advocacy of our families, community members and the Metropolitan Seattle Sickle Cell Task Force, who helped us understand that we need to do more for our patients with sickle cell disease. An external Sickle Cell Advisory Board has formed to help guide our efforts to best serve the community. We’re committed to creating a sickle cell center of excellence.

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For patients and families

Our team cares for your whole child. We don’t just treat their disease – we connect you to community resources and support groups to care for your whole family.

We can support you and your child with financial counseling, schooling, housing, transportation, legal aid, interpreter services and spiritual care. Read about our services for patients and families.

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Sickle cell disease video series

In this four-part video series, meet two parents who have a child with sickle cell disease, an adult living with sickle cell disease and a care team member within Seattle Children’s Sickle Cell Disease Program. 

You’ll hear different perspectives on caring for a child with sickle cell disease and what it is like to live with the condition.

Research to Improve Outcomes

Our sickle cell disease team is constantly researching new and improved treatments and processes that can improve the lives of our patients.

Updates from the Sickle Cell Disease Program Team

Seattle Children’s Sickle Cell Disease Program is expanding its inpatient and outpatient care to help ensure kids, teens and young adults with sickle cell disease receive quality care seamlessly between multidisciplinary teams from birth to adulthood.

The Most Advanced Treatments

We offer a full range of treatments to keep your child as healthy as possible and help them control pain.

Some of the team working at Odessa Brown Children's Clinic

How we treat sickle cell disease

We watch your child’s health closely and recommend the best treatments for them. Keeping careful track of their health ensures your child gets the care they need before more serious problems start. That helps them feel better and gives them the best chance of successful treatment.

Our treatment options include bone marrow transplant, which can cure this disease. Learn more about how we treat sickle cell disease

Care Where You Need It

Our sickle cell team provides services throughout Washington, Alaska, Montana and Idaho. Even if you live too far away to visit us in person, we can consult with your family and child’s doctors so your child gets the best care possible.