Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI)

Disclosing Financial Interests

Investigators must disclose all identified significant financial interest (SFI) to the Office of Research Compliance (ORC):

  • At least once annually
  • Within 30 days of acquiring or identifying a new financial interest or identifying a change in previously disclosed financial interest(s)

Principal investigators must ensure that all investigators working under their direction on a research project disclose any identified financial interests prior to their participation on the project. In addition, principal investigators need to indicate, upon submission of a proposal/application to the Office of Sponsored Research, if they or any project investigators have financial interests that may be related to the proposed project.

Click, a software platform at Seattle Children's, houses the institution's electronic financial interest disclosure system. This is a secure system which can only be accessed with Seattle Children’s network credentials; only authorized individuals will have access to disclosure information. Learn more about Click.

If you are a new investigator seeking to submit a financial interest disclosure and have not received a disclosure notification email from, please contact the Office of Research Compliance.


If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Research Compliance.