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Cancer - ALTE1621: Pharmacologic Reversal of Ventricular Remodeling in Childhood Cancer Survivors at Risk for Heart Failure: a Phase 2b Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial

This highly randomized phase 2b trial studies how well low-dose carvedilol works in preventing heart failure in cancer survivors exposed to high dose...

Cancer - ANBL1232: Utilizing Response - and Biology-Based Risk Factors to Guide Therapy in Patients with Non-High-Risk Neuroblastoma - a Groupwide Historically Controlled Phase 3 Study

This phase 3 trial studies how well response- and biology-based risk factor-guided therapy works in treating younger patients with non-high-risk neuroblastoma.

Cancer - ALTE1631: Randomized Web-based Physical Activity Intervention Among Children and Adolescents with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

This randomized clinical trial studies how well web-based physical activity intervention works in improving long-term health in children and adolescents with...

Cancer - AREN0534: Treatment for Patients with Bilateral, Multicentric or Bilaterally Predisposed Unilateral Wilms Tumor

This phase 3 trial studies how well combination chemotherapy and surgery work in treating young patients with Wilms tumor.

Cancer - ACCL10P1: Computerized Cognitive Training for Pediatric Brain Tumor Patients: A Pilot Study

This randomized clinical trial studies how well an adaptive computerized cognitive training program works compared to a non-adaptive computerized training...

Cancer - AALL1231: Phase 3 Randomized Trail Investigating Bortexomib on a Modified Augmented BFM Backbone in Newly Diagnosed T-Lymphoblastic Leukemia and T-Lymphoblastic Lympphoma

This randomized phase 3 trial compares how well combination chemotherapy works when given with or without bortezomib in treating patients with newly diagnosed...

Cancer - AOST1321: Phase 2 Study of Denosumab, a RANK Ligand Antibody, for Recurrent or Refractory Osteosarcoma

This phase 2 trial studies how well denosumab works in treating patients with osteosarcoma that has come back or doesn't respond well to treatment.

Asthma – Airway Epithelial Cell Cytokine Profiles of Children With and Without Asthma Study

The goal of this study is to learn how cells that line the lungs of our patients with asthma work differently than cells from children without asthma We are...

Cancer - PNOC 008: A Pilot Trial Testing the Clinical Benefit of Using Molecular Profiling to Determine and Individualized Treatment Plan in Children and Young Adults with High Grade Glioma (Excluding Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma)

The goal of this study is to use a patient's gene expression and sequencing to find the best approach to treat the patient's high grade gliomas (HGG).

Cancer - NANT 2015-01: Neuroblastoma Precision Trial

The goal of this study is to set the platform for a Precision Medicine clinical trial through the NANT consortium.