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Validation of a novel infrared thermal imaging approach for detection of arthritis in children


What is the goal of the study?

This is a 2 Aim study: Aim 1: A sample of 40 subjects with known JIA (20 with active knee arthritis and 20 without active arthritis) plus 30 healthy controls will be imaged repeatedly at (1) 10 minutes of resting, (2) after 10 minutes of walking and (3) after another 10 minutes of resting. TAWiC will be compared within subjects to determine measurement repeatability (between resting states) and the effect of physical activity (resting vs. post-activity) Aim 2a: 135 children with persistent knee swelling for 1 week or longer referred to rheumatology clinic will be enrolled consecutively. TAWiC from each knee will be used to determine the presence of arthritis based on the procedure chosen in study PIROSTUDY15350 and the result will be compared to the joint exam by pediatric rheumatologists as the gold standard. Aim 2b: In children with arthritis, subsequent thermal imaging and clinical assessment will be performed at 1, 2 and 3 months after initiation of therapy. The change of TAWiC from baseline at each later time point will be correlated with the change of active arthritis by physical exam at 3 months. Aim 2c: In children with arthritis, subsequent thermal imaging will be performed at home for 3 consecutive days after initial clinical visit. The TAWiC from each imaging will be compared to determine the variation. We hypothesize, based on our algorithm and preliminary data, that TAWiC may identify active arthritis in children with new onset of persistent joint swelling and allow primary care providers to use it as a reliable screening tool. Further, this approach may enhance our ability to monitor disease activity in patients with known arthritis

Who can participate in the study?

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