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Reeves Lab

Research in the Reeves Lab seeks to better define the tissue microenvironments of the lung related to airway remodeling during injury and repair. The extracellular matrix (ECM) has long been regarded as an important structural component of all tissues including the lung. Work by our group members demonstrates that the ECM plays an active role in regulating cell proliferation, adhesion, migration, polarity, differentiation and apoptosis beyond its structural role in tissues.

Our ongoing projects are aimed to better define critical interactions between cells and the ECM in the lung and how these interactions evolve during lung injury and repair using translational model systems. A major focus of investigation in our lab is the role of crosstalk between the airway epithelium and airway stromal cells during lung injury and repair. The ultimate goal of our work is to identify novel therapeutic targets for drug development to treat lung inflammation and enhance tissue repair.

See a complete list of published work by the Reeves Lab.

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