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Airway Epithelial Responses in Airway Diseases

An illustration of Airway Epithelial Responses in Airway DiseasesAsthma and Pediatric OSA are common airway disorders in children. Asthma, pediatric OSA, and allergic rhinitis are often comorbid in children suggesting a common underlying pathogenesis at the level of the airway epithelium. While the role of the airway epithelium has been extensively characterized in allergic disease and in pediatric asthma, the role of the airway epithelium in the pathogenesis of pediatric OSA remains under studied.

Current treatment of pediatric OSA is primarily surgical (adenotonsillectomy) or mechanical (continuous positive airway pressure, CPAP) with limited medical interventions available.

Our research investigates how airway epithelial immune and inflammatory pathways may play a role in the pathogenesis and presentation of pediatric OSA. In doing so we aim to identify novel potential therapeutic options to allow for a more personalized and directed approach to the treatment of pediatric OSA.

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