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Proteomic and Genetic Insight Into Axon Termination, Synapse Maintenance and Autophagy

We are leading efforts to understand a conserved signaling network required for both axon termination and synapse maintenance.

Using Forward Genetics to Identify Regulators of Opioid Sensitivity and Tolerance

We have spent the past decade pioneering an innovative new line of investigation that aims to understand how u-opioid receptor (MOR) signaling, sensitivity and tolerance are regulated.

Regulation of Inhibitory GABA Neuron Function

Our interest in HUWE1 is driven on two levels. 1) Better understanding how ubiquitin ligase activity shapes inhibitory GABA neuron function. 2) Strong, growing evidence that human genetic changes that reduce or increase HUWE1 function result in syndromic and non-syndromic forms of intellectual disability.