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Employment & Training Opportunities

The Center for Immunity and Immunotherapies (CIIT) was established in 2007.

Dr. David Rawlings, a leader in the field of B-cell function in autoimmune and immune deficiency disorders, directs both the CIIT and the University of Washington Division of Immunology. The division’s members, including six physician-scientists, provide tertiary referral care to patients with immune deficiency diseases in the Northwest.

In collaboration with Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center’s transplant program, division faculty coordinate clinical care for immunology patients undergoing stem cell transplantation. With Seattle Children’s Department of Medicine, the division helps to direct the training of rheumatology and allergy/immunology fellows with a strong focus on basic and clinical immunology. CIIT faculty also provide basic immunology training for fellows, PhD, and MSTP graduate students from the UW departments of immunology, molecular and cell biology, molecular medicine and mechanisms of disease, and pharmacology graduate programs.

Seattle Children's Research InstituteThe CIIT’s members currently include 12 independent investigators. Previous trainee and future mentor-in-training Dr. Shaun Jackson is also located in the CIIT. CIIT staff include a research group comprised of approximately 90 members including research scientists, PhD and MSTP graduate students and various MD, PhD or MD–PhD fellows.

Overall, the CIITʼs research programs are focused within two overarching, interrelated themes:

  • Defining the molecular and cellular basis for altered human immune function
  • Development of improved stem cell transplants and novel genetic therapies for treatment of human immune disorders

CIIT members are involved in a range of animal- and human-based studies of immune function with implications for both autoimmune and immune-deficiency diseases. Active project areas directly relevant to autoimmunity include studies of regulatory T cells, Th17 cells, Tfh cells, B-cell signaling and genetic alterations associated with an increased risk for autoimmunity.

In summary, work within the CIIT is focused on identification of altered immune function and curative therapies for human immune disorders.

Seminars and Presentations

CIIT has a variety of different seminars to help create an enriching environment.

  • Seminar series  
  • Monthly “research in progress” meetings presented by PIs, post-docs and graduate students
  • Combined journal club meetings
  • Combined group meetings

Medical Training

The CIIT serves as a core training site for the nephrology, rheumatology, allergy and immunology fellowship programs through the University of Washington.

Employment Opportunities

The Center for Immunity and Immunotherapies is looking to hire exceptional candidates to join its team. Current openings can be found at Seattle Children's Research Institute careers page.

Center for Immunity and Immunotherapies

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