Health Equity Research Program

Community Advisory Council

The Health Equity Research Community Advisory Council (CAC) was established in January 2018 in partnership between the Center for Diversity and Health Equity’s (CDHE) Health Equity Research Program and the Institute for Translational Health Sciences’ Integrating Special Populations Program (ISP).

The CAC is made up of a diverse group of individuals from community-based organizations, community coalitions and community members who are committed to equitable access to research opportunities. The council meets 4-6 times a year and aims to build research capacity and increase access to research within diverse communities and among community-based organizations.

The council has partnered with researchers at Seattle Children’s Research Institute and ITHS to create the Community Partnership Guide for Engaging With Academic Researchers (PDF). This is a three-part guide developed by the CAC to help community organizations create a plan for how to partner with academic research teams on research projects that involve their community.

For more information about the council’s work, please visit the ITHS website