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Featured Publications

Identifying regulators of fitness in tuberculosis

Ma S, Morrison R, Hobbs SJ, Soni V, Farrow-Johnson J, Frando A, Fleck N, Grundner C, Rhee KY, Rustad TR, Sherman DR. “Transcriptional Regulator Induced Phenotype screen reveals drug potentiators in Mycobacterium tuberculosis.” Nature Microbiology (2020); 6, 44-50.


Predicting interactions between drug combinations in tuberculosis

Ma S, Jaipalli S, Larkins-Ford J, Lohmiller J, Aldridge BB, Sherman DR, Chandrasekaran S. “Transcriptomic signatures predict regulators of drug synergy and clinical regimen efficacy against Tuberculosis.” mBio, (2019) 10:e02627-19.


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