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Learn about progress on health equity and anti-racism efforts in Seattle Children’s fourth quarterly report.


  • Fergal Duffy, PhD

    Fergal Duffy, PhD

    Research Scientist Senior, Management

  • Sanjeev Kumar, PhD

    Sanjeev Kumar, PhD

    Research Scientist III

  • Song Li

    Song Li

    Research Associate III

  • Fred Mast, PhD

    Fred Mast, PhD

    Research Scientist, Senior

  • Leslie Miller

    Leslie Miller

    Research Associate III

  • Bob Morrison

    Bob Morrison

    Senior Data Scientist

  • Max Neal, PhD

    Max Neal, PhD

    Research Scientist, Senior

  • Paul Olivier, PhD

    Paul Olivier, PhD

    Research Scientist, Senior

  • Therese Pacio

    Therese Pacio

    URM Intern

  • Tiffany Silver-Brace

    Tiffany Silver-Brace

    Grants and Contracts Administrator

  • Jeannette Staheli, PhD

    Jeannette Staheli, PhD

    Research Scientist, Senior

  • Shawna Stonum

    Shawna Stonum

    Administrative Assistant Senior, Research

  • Jason Wendler, PhD

    Jason Wendler, PhD

    Lead Data Scientist

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