Center for Global Infectious Disease Research

Our Vision

To make transformative scientific advances that lead to the prevention, treatment and cures of infectious diseases impacting children and families around the world.

Help Support Critical Work Addressing the Global Pandemic

The rapid global spread of SARS-CoV-2 has exposed inadequacies in our nation’s ability to respond to viral epidemics. COVID-19 has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives globally, and infected millions. In response to this urgent public health crisis, the Center for Global Infectious Disease Research (CGIDR) has initiated research studies to: monitor our workforce for infection and their responses, understand why adults and children are differently impacted by infection, develop new therapeutic treatment and prevention strategies, and to support critical vaccine studies. Your support is critical to advance these studies. Please consider giving to CGIDR to support this essential work.

Accelerating Progress Toward Cures

COVID-19 Research Underway at Seattle Children’s Research Institute

Key Partnerships

Collaborations and partnerships are integral to CGIDR’s approach. Our investigators work closely with colleagues at the University of Washington, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and other institutions.

Participate in Research

Help us answer questions about childhood health and illness, and help other children in the future. Learn more.


Developing groundbreaking treatments takes more than just the right ideas. It also takes the right people – and the CGIDR is recruiting new members.

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