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New Mental Health Clinic for Spanish-Speaking Patients and Families

April 7, 2021

Seattle Children’s is pleased to announce the opening of a new mental health clinic for children and their families who primarily speak Spanish.

The clinic serves children ages 2 to 18 who have mental health concerns and their parents and other caregivers. Providers are bilingual.

The CALMA clinic (short for Child and Adolescent Latino Mental Health Assessment and Treatment) is held every Thursday and includes group therapy, which may be in the daytime or evening. Presently services are by telehealth only.

Services offered:

  • Thorough mental health evaluation and diagnosis or second opinion.
  • Parent training groups for children with disruptive behaviors or anxiety.
  • Assessment with a child psychiatrist to discuss whether a child would benefit from a mental health medicine. If the CALMA team decides after the initial evaluation or group participation that the child needs a medication consultation, the child will be seen by the CALMA team psychiatrist for medication evaluation and short-term medicine management.

Services are responsive to Latino community cultures and family needs.

Access: We will see all families regardless of their immigration status or insurance status. Families who do not have insurance are encouraged to apply for financial aid by calling 206-987-3333 or applying at this link: (click on the Spanish link).

Referrals: We encourage patients to have a referral from their PCP.

The CALMA clinic is part of Seattle Children’s Division of Psychiatry and directed by Dr. Laura Black and Dr. Cindy Ola.

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