Guilds Are a Powerful Force Against Cancer

Raising Awareness and Funding Cures

Guild members celebrating

“We could not realize these goals without guild support. Guild members keep showing up and saying yes, and we couldn’t be more thankful.”

– Dr. Mike Jensen, director of the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research 

Guild members proud to help researchers gain momentum

Team Becca Guild membersSeptember is National Childhood Cancer Awareness month, and to celebrate we honor the members of more than 20 guilds who devote their time and attention to pediatric cancer research and are fueling cures for childhood cancer.

Immunotherapy, which has shown early success in treating some cancers, is a priority of It Starts With Yes: The Campaign for Seattle Children’s. So far, guilds have raised nearly $11.4 million, which includes a $5 million pledge from the Guild Association to support Building Care. The campaign’s global impact on kids’ health will include funding for a new research facility essential to accelerating cancer immunotherapy research. Campaign dollars are also critical to building the Cure Factory – what will be the country’s largest state-of-the-art manufacturing center of products used in cancer immunotherapies.

“We could not realize these goals without guild support. Guild members keep showing up and saying yes, and we couldn’t be more thankful,” says Dr. Mike Jensen, director of the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research. “Your dedication supports innovative treatments that are saving lives. You make us stronger!”

Riding for cures

Michael Hoffman is president of the Crush Kids’ Cancer Guild, which raises money for cancer trials through sponsored bike rides. “Seeing Dr. Jensen working in his lab during a recent tour brought me to tears. I could not be prouder to be part of the It Starts With Yes campaign to cure cancers,” says Hoffman. “Our guild is more committed than ever to help. We all share Dr. Jensen’s optimism about upcoming immunotherapy trials and want to ensure their success. We’re partnering with people who want to grow our guild and raise funds to claim victory against cancer.”

Spreading the news

Leslie Ridge helped form the Team Becca Guild 5 years ago in honor of her best friend, Becca Stevenson, who was a staunch supporter of the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research. Stevenson died of stomach cancer in 2013, and Ridge says she knows her friend would be blown away by the guild’s fundraising total of nearly $300,000 for cancer research in 4 years.

“She would be over the moon if she saw what we’ve accomplished,” Ridge says. “Her birthday was September 24, and we hold our annual auction in September to both honor her and raise awareness around pediatric cancer.”

Ridge says that more than half of the guild’s 500 supporters didn’t know about Seattle Children’s groundbreaking cancer research advances before their contact with Team Becca.

“When they learn about the impact immunotherapy is having, they’re impressed by the amazing work being done right here in their home city,” she says. “We want to help researchers continue to gain momentum and get these kids healthy! It’s the perfect way to honor Becca’s legacy of giving.”

T-cell cancer immunotherapy trials at Seattle Children’s are funded in part by Strong Against Cancer, a national philanthropic initiative with worldwide implications for developing cures for childhood cancers. Strong Against Cancer donations go toward the Guild Association’s $150 million It Starts With Yes campaign fundraising goal.

To join the growing number of guilds that power Strong Against Cancer, email Emily Downing or call her at 206-987-6833.

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