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We did it! You Said Yes and We Exceeded Our Goal!

Cass and her service dog Champ

Campaign patient ambassador Cass Huff (pictured here with her best friend, service dog Champ) reflects on the power of guilds: “A thousand thank-yous wouldn’t be nearly enough to share my gratitude and admiration. You are making such a difference! Without people like you and your dedication to Seattle Children’s, I would not be where I am today.” Catch up with Cass here.

Guilds Help Make Campaign a Success

STAGGERING STATISTICS! Guilds raised nearly $160 million during It Starts With Yes: The Campaign for Seattle Children’s The campaign raised a total of more than $1.4 billion! During the campaign: We formed 127 new guilds! You said yes at 650 guild events! 5,590 new members joined the Guild Association! 116 guilds became Research Champions! 269 guild members joined the Guardians’ Circle!Four years ago, guild members, community supporters, patient families and hospital leaders gathered for the public launch of It Starts With Yes: The Campaign for Seattle Children’s. The campaign championed a bold vision to ensure that more families can count on hope, care and cures — now and in the future. Thanks to the support of our generous community, we surpassed the $1 billion goal, raising more than $1.4 billion during the largest fundraising campaign in Seattle Children’s history.

Our guilds set out to contribute $150 million toward the overall goal and, thanks to our amazing guild members, went above and beyond to hit nearly $160 million!

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without our guild members, and we’re incredibly grateful for all you do for Seattle Children’s,” says Dr. Jeff Sperring, CEO, Seattle Children’s. “Our guilds always rise to meet the needs of our patients and families, and thanks to your generous support, we are achieving revolutionary advances in child health and wellness so we can say yes to every child.”

Your efforts had an astounding impact:

  • Advancing Seattle Children’s core mission to care for every child. Generous guild donations to the Uncompensated Care Fund ensure every child in our region has access to expert care, regardless of their family’s ability to pay. Last year alone, Seattle Children’s provided more than $250 million to support 161,000 medical visits for kids. Seattle Children’s has grown to meet the needs of families by opening two new facilities: Building Cure is accelerating treatments for kids whose lives depend on them and Building Care, opening this spring, will transform patient care in the hospital. These spaces allow for better collaboration between researchers and clinicians to bring the latest innovations to children at the bedside.
  • Delivering on the power and promise of immunotherapy. Seattle Children’s generous community of donors contributed more than $190 million to accelerate the pediatric cancer program during the Yes campaign. More than $130 million of that total was raised for pediatric cancer immunotherapy research, creating one the most comprehensive pediatric CAR T-cell programs in the world, with FDA approval for 13 trials and more than 340 patients enrolled in these game-changing clinical trials.
  • Launching a new era for community health and wellness. Every child deserves quality care with dignity — and thanks to you, more children will have access to medical, behavioral, dental and nutrition services. Our donor community came together to invest more than $125 million, part of which helped establish a second Seattle Children’s Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic in South Seattle (to open this spring). With two primary care clinics, more kids than ever will benefit from wraparound healthcare established by and for the community.
  • Unlocking the mysteries of the developing brain. Seattle Children’s is tackling brain conditions and disorders at their origins thanks to generous campaign gifts of $136 million to neurosciences. This allowed the hospital to develop a much greater understanding of brain disorders such as epilepsy and autism — as well as mental health conditions, brain tumors and brain injuries. Learn about gains in mental health.
  • Ensuring families can count on us today and always through legacy gifts. Legacy gifts (including naming Seattle Children’s in your will), help us meet the unique needs of children now and into the future. During the campaign, 269 visionary guild members included Seattle Children’s in their estate plans. Learn more about legacy giving at

Thank you for saying yes to meeting these priorities! Because of guild members like you, more children are living the healthiest and most fulfilling lives possible.