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Guild Spotlight

  • New Guilds Fuel Momentum

    Three new guilds have launched—one serves as a legacy for a beloved cancer patient; another helps families living with celiac disease and a third funds research into a rare disorder.

  • The Best of Best Practices

    Learn from these Fundraising FUNdamentals featured at the Best Practices event held in March.

  • We are United In Care!

    The in-person Guild Association Annual meeting brought many guild members together in person for the first time in years.

Guild Association Donation Directory

Child holding Thank You sign

If you would like to make a gift to a specific guild, please use this directory to find their donation page. If you're looking for a guild that is not listed, please use our general donation form and tell us which guild your gift should be directed to in the comments section.

Are you a guild member who needs a donation page for your guild? We can help! Contact us.

Fundraising FUNdamentals

Hannah Hummingbird Junior Guild

Learn from the experts! Eight video sessions highlighting the latest in fundraising, event planning, membership and more are available for your viewing. Each topic is hosted by a member of the Fundraising Committee sharing tips and ideas for your in-person and virtual events.