Stefan Kappe, PhD

Stefan Kappe, PhD

Infectious Disease Research

Children's Title: Professor

Academic Title: Affiliate Professor, University of Washington

Research Center: Center for Global Infectious Disease Research

  • Stefan Kappe, PhD, received his undergraduate degree in biology from the Friedrich Wilhelms University, Germany, and his PhD in molecular biology and parasitology from the University of Notre Dame. He performed postdoctoral research in the laboratory of Professor Victor Nussenzweig at the New York University School of Medicine. Kappe is the scientific director of the Malaria Clinical Trials Center, where early-stage malaria vaccine and drug candidates are tested in humans. He holds an affiliate faculty position at the University of Washington (global health).


Research Description

The Kappe Lab is focused on understanding the complex biology of the malaria parasite and the immune responses to infection, using this information to design transformational interventions that will help win the fight against malaria. 

Research Focus Area

Global Health, Host-Pathogen Interaction, Immunology, Infectious Disease, Malaria, Systems Biology, Biotechnology, Drug Resistance, Genetic Engineering, Genetics