Patrick J Healey, MD

Patrick J Healey, MD

Transplant Center, Intestinal Rehabilitation Program, Renovascular Hypertension Program, Portal Hypertension Clinic, Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, General Surgery, Liver Transplant, Kidney Transplant

On staff since December 1995

Children's Title: Surgical Director, Solid Organ Transplant

Academic Title: Professor, Surgery

Research Center: Center for Clinical and Translational Research

"The most rewarding part of my job is to see extremely ill children with end organ failure returned to good health after a successful transplant."

  • Patrick Healey, MD, is a Professor of Surgery (General Surgery & Transplantation) and is the Surgical Director of Solid Organ Transplantation at Seattle Children's Hospital. Healey received his MD from Boston University School of Medicine.

    Dr. Healey completed his General Surgery residency at the Hartford Hospital and completed fellowship training in Abdominal Transplantation at University of Washington and in Pediatric Surgery at Seattle Children's.

    Dr. Healey is one of the few surgeons in the nation trained in both pediatric surgery and transplantation. Because of this, Dr. Healey has unique expertise in the surgery of the liver and biliary tract in children. Dr. Healey previously served as Chief of the Pediatric Transplant Department for over 24years until June 2023.  He led one of the most successful pediatric transplant programs in the nation with outstanding results in liver, kidney and small bowel transplantation.

    Nationally, Dr. Healey has previously served on the OPTN/UNOS (United Network for Organ Sharing) Board of Directors and the Membership & Professional Standards Committee .  He currently serves on the Pediatric Task Force for the American Society of Transplant Surgeons.  

    Regional/local responsibilities includes serving on the LifeCenter Northwest Advisory Board Committee and Clinical Advisory Committee. Dr. Healey served as President of the Seattle Surgical Society in 2021.  He has been a member of the Ethics Committee at Seattle Childrens since 2012.

    His clinical and research interests include transplantation in infants and small children, neonatal surgery, congenital anomalies and pediatric tumors.

    • Heidi Spokane Valley, WA 09.20.22

      My son Elias received his life saving liver transplant on 7.20.22 and I cannot say enough wonderful things about his entire transplant team including his PICU team and his team on floor 7. I did not have one bad experience nor was I ever nervous about his quality of care. In particular Dr. Healey and Dr. Valentino are superb.

    • Mirjana Washington 02.25.21

      Where do I daughter was only two years old when she woke up in the middle of the night vomiting blood. At that time I was pregnant with another baby girl, first trimester. We rushed into SCH thinking it was the end. And once we were there all checked in, it got bad to worse to a disaster in a very short period of time. Until we met Dr. Healey. He is the most humble, empathetic , competent and emotionally intelligent person and surgeon on this planet. My daughter was diagnosed with portal vein thrombosis with hypertension. At the time I had no idea what that was...I was scared, lost, started doing research, educating myself, not much was available in pediatrics... on 5/20/2014, Dr. Healey performed spleno renal shunt on my daughter and saved her life. Long road was ahead of us with ups and downs, follow up procedures but he stuck with us, he listened to my/mom’s inner voice (gut) worked with us as a team and we did it. Yes, we did! I know my kids the best in this world. Mila my now 9 year old daughter, today (2/24/2021) again saw Dr. Healey, as part of her regular ultrasound and follow up. It has been 7 years since her initial surgery. She is doing well!!!...He also saved my new born baby life. I was pregnant while all this was going on with my older daughter, little did I know my newborn girl had a birth defect, esophageal atresia with fistula (TEF). Dr. Healey somehow put pieces together and figured out she was my daughter and heard my cry and prayers and was the one operated on my newborn and saved her life. Both of my daughters are doing well and are growing thanks to God and Dr. Healey. Dr. Healey is the one that inspired me to be better and do better, to learn about emotional intelligence. He will forever be our family hero and someone that is just so genuinely empathetic. He is an expert that uses his knowledge and expertise for a right cause. Heart of gold!

    • Kadada Seattle, WA 01.03.21

      Dr. Healey is the best liver surgeon, he performed a very tricky surgery on my daughters rare liver malformation. He followed up all the way until surgery day and made sure he gave us all the details and even drew a picture to show us how the surgery would be performed. We were very nervous and scared, but he made us feel a little more at ease. He is truly a god-send and I couldn’t thank him enough for taking care of our babygirl.

    • Heidy Everett, Washington 08.28.20

      On May 22, 2012 I was rushed to the emergency room at Children's from a walk in clinic due to a wandering twisted spleen. I had to have emergency surgery to have it removed and being 11 years old I was absolutely mortified. Dr. Healey preformed my surgery. Even though I barely remember anything from my 3 week stay at the hospital after some complications with blood clots after the surgery I will forever be thankful for him and his team that night. Now, at almost 20 years old I live a completely normal life despite the fact that I now have a compromised immune system. Thank you so much!!

    • Monica Redmond, washington 05.20.20

      Dr. Healey performed the liver transplant surgery for my daughter when she was 9-months-old. Dr. Healey was also very involved in her care while my daughter was very sick in the ICU for three months prior to surgery. He certainly lives up to his reputation as brilliant surgeon and a perfectionist, but he far exceeded our expectations in the level of compassion and care he showed us. The man is certainly a genius and a walking encyclopedia on the liver, but he’s also so kind and gentle. It’s amazing how well our daughter is doing post transplant. She has grown so much and meets all her milestones, you wouldn’t even know she had a liver transplant.

    • Courtney JBLM, WA 12.11.19

      We first met Dr. Healey back in November 2019 a month after our 6 month old was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma from a rare genetic disorder he was born with that put him at risk for cancer. From day one Dr. Healey was so involved in my son and the plans to remove the tumors. When location was an issue for surgery, Dr. Healey and his team went above and beyond arranging another surgery location on pretty short notice for my son’s liver resection that needed to be performed within a small window of time. I can’t speak higher praises of Dr. Healey. He was absolutely AMAZING and my family and I will be ever so grateful for him and remember him always.

    • Patricia Des Moines, WA 10.20.16

      Dr. Patrick Healey is our guardian angel, he is an amazing professional and human been, he and the whole liver transplant team made possible my daughter treatment and recovery before and after live transplantation. I highly recommend him and the liver transplant team at Seattle Children's hospital.

    • Antonette Tacoma, Washington 08.03.12

      My family and I met Dr. Healey March of 2000. I had a conditon call Autoimmune hepatitis, which caused my liver to faily and become cirosis. So I was in need of a liver transplant. Dr. Healey is so compassionate that he talked us through on what was going to happen and he made himself very available to us. My transplant was 5/15/2000 and the surgery went perfect. My family and such strong faith that Dr. Healey and his team will take care of me. Dr. Healey was pleased on how well my body was functioning after the liver was put in. My family and I are so greatful that he was my physican and I will recommend anyone to him and his team of Drs. They will treat your children as if their were theres. 12 years and doing awesome.

    • Donna Moxee, WA 05.28.12

      On January 13, 2012, our son, Quentin, had to have emergency surgery for a perforated colon. He has Crohn's. He had the surgery in Yakima, but was medivacked to Seattle Children's Hospital that night. We almost lost him on the way, but when Quentin got there, there was Dr. Healey waiting for him. Dr. Healey and his staff stayed by Quentin's side throughout his stay. He was in the ICU for 6 weeks and Dr. Healey saved his life 2 more times. We spent a total of 3 months and 2 days at SCH and Dr. Healey was looking over him the whole time. We called him our Dr. God, because he had healing hands. There is no way we can ever thank him for what he did for our son and he will always be in our prayers for those healing hands to take care of other children. Quentin still has a long way to go, but we know that Dr. Healey will be there for us when decisions need to be made. We love you, Dr. Healey and your staff and SCH.

    • Brandon Pasco, WA 02.02.12

      On Sep 19t 2007 my wife gave Birth to a set of Twins, Khalil and Kellen. Khalil was born with a TEF, (Basically his esophagous was connected to his trachea instead of his throat) The second day of his life, Dr. Healey performed a corrective surgery that saved his life and his enabled him to live a completely healthy and normal life. God Bless this man for what he did for my family and many others! Brandon King RN

    • Melissa Ferndale 10.06.11

      Dr.Healey and Dr.Ledbetter performed a Whipple procedure on my 14 month old son and helped to save his life along with many other professionals at Children's Hospital. It is hard to believe what these doctors are capable of. We can't thank them enough! We will continue to pray for the miracles these amazing doctors accomplish :)

    • Bill Missoula, MT 05.11.11

      Dr Healy saved my Grandson's life with a multiple organ transplant. Our family owes so much to him and his Transplant Team - Thank You Dr H!!

    • jon Everett, WA 04.19.11

      Dr Healey saved my daughter life! He was directly involved with all of my girl"s surgery's, and he performed miracles daily. If your at Children's right know I'm sorry, but it gets better. Believe in Dr Healey ( He's amazing!)

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    SEATTLE TOP DOCTORS - 2023 SEATTLE MAGAZINE Aug 1, 2023 - Aug 1, 2023
    Seattle Met Top Doctors 2023 Seattle Met’s annual list of the best health care professionals in the region, featuring doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and more in over 80 specialties. Nominations for the Top Doctors list come from peers. Seattle Met Magazine Aug. 2023
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    A Look at Equity in Pediatric Liver Transplantation Pediatric Grand Rounds Seattle Children's Hospital Mar 10, 2022 - Mar 10, 2022
    Liver Transplantation for Biliary Atresia in Children – What is the Current State in 2020 Transplant Grand Rounds - University of Washington Medical Center Seattle WA Oct 9, 2020 - Oct 9, 2020
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    Steroid Use After the Kasai Procedure for Biliary Atresia North Pacific Surgical Association Annual Meeting Portland, OR Nov 1, 2009


Board Certification(s)

Surgery (General Surgery)
Pediatric Surgery

Medical/Professional School

Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, MA


Hartford Hospital, Hartford, CT


Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Seattle Children's Hospital, Seattle, WA
University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, WA

Clinical Interests

Pediatric transplantation, Liver and kidney transplantation, Congenital anomalies, Pediatric tumors

Research Focus Area

Translational Research