School Services

As remote learning continues for many families in our region, we understand that many are facing fatigue and ongoing challenges of helping their children continue their learning at home. Our team of Washington state–certified teachers are continuing to provide teaching and consultation services to patients, while developing tips, resources and learning ideas for families.

Our educators combine Children’s school services with best practices used by school districts across the state to support students and families in at-home learning. Throughout the year, our team will continue to support students as learning happens in many different forms. As we learn and adapt together, we can make this school year one of growth and progress.

    What are school services?

    We are an education program at Seattle Children’s that provides teaching and return-to-school planning at no cost to families. Our teachers are certified by the state of Washington in both general and special education.

    Who do you teach?

    We teach kindergarten through 12th grade students who will be in the hospital for at least one week. We serve all eligible patients regardless of their learning needs.

    What services do you provide?

    We provide several education services for our students based on their individual needs, including classroom teaching, individual tutoring and return-to-school planning. During these extended school closures, we will provide virtual teaching, school planning consultation, assistance with special education questions, and access to video and print resources.

    Educational Resources

    To help you and your family with at-home learning, our teachers have been working to make our classroom materials available online. Each section has resources you can use to help with at-home lesson planning, creating school schedules, and tips for successful teaching.