Clinical Genetics

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Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners

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Registered Nurses

  • Bernice Cristobal, RN, BSN, CCRN

  • Kendra Del Rosario, RN, BSN

  • Kenadie Hamblin, RN, BSN

  • Kasea Hildebrandt, RN, BSN

  • Aishleen O’Brien, RN, BSN, CPN

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Genetic Counselors

  • Teresa Campbell, PhD, MS, CGC

  • Jennifer Cech, PhD, MS, CGC

  • Mike Gibbs, MGC, CGC

  • Sabina Gudmundsson, MS, CGC

  • Luke Kruidenier, MS, CGC

  • Jamie Love-Nichols, MS, MPH, CGC

  • Zoe Nelson, MS, CGC

  • Lauren O’Sullivan, MS, CGC

  • Amanda Peterson, MEd, MS, CGC

  • Lex Powers, MS, GC

  • Kendall Schmidt, MS

  • Abbey Scott, MS, CGC

  • Audrey Squire, MS, CGC

  • Maria Vas, MS, CGC

  • Megan Yabumoto, MS, CGC

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Your explanation of his diagnosis was excellent. I was totally impressed with your "sit down" attitude. Felt fantastic when we left.

Parent from Moscow, Idaho