Center for Diversity and Health Equity

Meet Your Team

Alicia Adiele, MSW, LICSW, senior director of Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, leads multiple teams, including the Center for Diversity and Health Equity, who are responsible for insights, strategy and implementation for achieving Children’s vision of being a world leader in achieving health equity, workforce diversity, and inclusion, and improving health outcomes for all children through an equity and anti-racism framework. The director is responsible for providing leadership to the organization on ways to implement, study and develop programs through an equity lens, by advancing culturally-fluent, community-responsive, and family-centered patient care and research, identifing and eliminating inequities in health care and research participation for Children’s patients and families, and actively addressing key community-identifed health inequities through patient care, research, and outreach.

Brian Saelens, PhD, research director for the Center for Diversity and Health Equity, and Kendra Liljenquist, PhD, lead for Pathway Programs at the Center for Diversity and Health Equity, support and lead the advancement of health equity research and embedding a health equity, diversity and inclusion framework in all research policy reviews, consultation, grantmaking, seminars, and trainings. Dr. Liljenquist supports the pathway programs through career development initiatives for students and researchers who are from diverse backgrounds or who have a focus on health equity research such as the SCRI Summer Scholars Program. Dr. Saelens supports the continued growth of the Center for Diversity and Health Equity’s role as the child health equity research hub for information, resources, talent, expertise, data and partnerships for expanding child health equity research and community engagement at Seattle Children’s and beyond.

Ashley Durkin, MPH, PMP, health equity and diversity consultant

Maggie Lackey, program manager I

Neena Makhija, MSW, MPA, health equity and diversity consultant

Jessica Ramos, senior data analyst

Maya Scott, MSW, manager, CDHE

Eunice Soh, PhD, MSN, MPH, FNP-C, health equity and diversity consultant

Sabrina Tso, MHA, program manager II