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Interns at Seattle Children’s Alyssa Burnett Adult Life Center get the opportunity to learn and put into action skills and best practices related to their fields of study while working with people with disabilities. Internships include attending and contributing to classes and life-skills training for adults with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities.

Opportunities for interns include fieldwork courses in several fields, preclinical practicum hours for music therapy undergraduates and prepracticum internships for students in art therapy programs.

"I learned so much about myself on both a personal and professional level during my extended internship. I’m now accepted into a Master of Occupational Therapy program and hope to make a further impact once I’m a licensed OT." 
— Ashley, former intern, UW Bothell

Fieldwork Courses

The Alyssa Burnett Center is a training and fieldwork site for students from colleges and universities that are accredited partners of Seattle Children’s, including University of Washington (UW), UW Bothell and Seattle Pacific University. The students are preparing for careers in fields such as social work, health studies, community psychology, education and business. Our coordinator works with partnered colleges and universities each quarter to decide on placement of students. We are open to initiate new partnerships.

Contact your professor about fieldwork experience opportunities at the Alyssa Burnett Center.

Music Therapy 

Music therapy undergraduate students from partnered colleges and universities can complete preclinical practicum hours at our center. Student music therapists put into action the skills and best practices they learn in their degree program. They help instructors in the classroom and take part in activities and music making with participants. As they gain experience, student music therapists help plan coursework and run group sessions. Classes are typically 1 hour long. Class size depends on enrollment (average is 8 to 12 participants per class). We adjust staffing ratios as needed.

Art Therapy

Prepracticum internships in art therapy are open to students who want to put into action what they are learning in their art therapy programs. These interns help instructors in the classroom and work with participants on projects. As they gain experience, they can also help plan coursework. Class length and the ratio of staff to participants vary based on topic and instructor.

Available opportunities for art therapy interns depend on need and center capacity. For more information, please email us.

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