Department of Nursing Practice, Professional Development and Innovation

Student Onboarding

Please do not save documents. Always use this site to make sure you have the most up-to-date information.

It is the faculty/school’s responsibility to assist with students’ onboarding process and ensure all requirements have been met. Please refer to the Undergraduate Nursing Students policy #11101.

Step 1

The school will email the Seattle Children’s Nursing Schools the completed student upload sheet no less than 30 days prior to the first day students will be on campus. The Department of Nursing Practice, Professional Development and Innovation (NPPDI) will process the spreadsheet by sending to Human Resources.

Step 2

Students will receive the RedCarpet welcome email and complete the required tasks. Students are required to use their school email address for OKTA Verify (remote access).  Faculty are to inform students to keep their school email address in RedCarpet.

If your student was at Seattle Children's Hospital in any capacity in the previous six months or is a current Seattle Children's employee, they will not go through RedCarpet.

Step 3

School coordinator or faculty/instructor:

  • Schedule group appointments with Seattle Children’s Employee Service Center – call 206-987-1020.
  • Relay group appointments to students.
  • Please communicate to students that they are to arrive with their group and not individually. The Employee Service Center uses this process to minimize interruptions during employee onboarding.

Step 4

After the student’s assignment has been approved, account provisioning will set up the student’s network access and username which will be populated in the username spreadsheet at Seattle Children’s Schools of Nursing (External) Share Point site (under ‘Documents’ tab from the left). The spreadsheet is password protected and distributed to the school contacts. The username spreadsheet is updated once daily. Email if you do not have access to the site to view the spreadsheet.

The school coordinator or faculty/instructor distributes usernames to the students. Students will be able to access our computer systems, including Grow@SC (Learning Management System), only after they have been given usernames.

Students will complete the requirements according to their role found in this document:

Upon completion of the EPIC eLearning, your account for EPIC access will be unblocked so you will have access to EPIC when you arrived. If you have difficulties in accessing EPIC after the trainings are completed, please call our IS Department at 206-987-1111 (between 0800-1700 Monday through Friday only). 

Step 5

Faculty/instructor will print the Student Orientation Instructions and Acknowledgement Form (PDF) and review, sign and email to Seattle Children's Nursing Schools. Search for Non-Employee Orientation on CHILD for detailed information on the orientation. This form acknowledges that students have been oriented according to Seattle Children’s requirements and all materials have been reviewed or provided to students prior to arrival on campus. This form is due on or before the first hour students are on campus and on units with patients.