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Advanced Practice Provider Student Clinical Rotations

Welcome to the advanced practice provider (APP) student page for clinical rotations. We are delighted you have expressed an interest in a clinical rotation here at Seattle Children’s. These rotations are designed to accommodate NP, PA and CRNA students.

APP students interested in clinical rotation at Seattle Children’s must: 

  1. Consult the Washington State Nursing Commission website to confirm that your university is approved to place students in Washington state. If your university/program is not listed, you  cannot be placed in a clinical rotation at Seattle Children’s. (Does not apply to PA students.)
  2. Verify with your placement coordinator or program director that your school that your school has a current academic affiliation agreement with Seattle Children’s Hospital.   
  3. Obtain an active Washington state RN license. You cannot apply for student placement until your Washington RN license has been issued. (Does not apply to PA students.)
  4. Complete the APP Student Clinical Placement Request form. Students may only apply for one rotation at a time.
  5. Email your resume to No cover letter is needed.

APP students must submit their application six months prior to the desired rotation start date. Applications are batched each quarter and application deadlines are the last day of the month in January, April, July and October. Please consult the chart below for your application due date.

Application Due Date  Desired Rotation Start Date
Last day in April 2021  Any time in August, September or October 2021
Last day in July 2021  Any time in November or December 2021 or January 2022
Last day in October 2021  Any time in February, March or April 2022

All applications will be reviewed against a matrix and clinical rotations will be offered to the most qualified applicants. You will receive notification of your acceptance within two months of the application deadline.

Please do not contact any Seattle Children’s providers directly regarding your placement application.

For nonclinical capstone work and leadership rotations, please complete the Graduate Student Request Form. For additional information on these programs, email