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Access to Healthcare

Uncompensated Care

Seattle Children's provides necessary medical care to all children in our region, regardless of a family’s ability to pay. With the support of our community, Seattle Children's provided $276 million of uncompensated care in 2021.

Preventive Care and Access to Health Insurance

Seattle Children's healthcare is an inexpensive investment with a great payoff. Regular healthcare, immunizations and early diagnosis reduce the likelihood of children getting more costly, disabling or life-threatening conditions.

Delaying healthcare costs more than covering children. Research shows that regular, preventive care for children enrolled in Medicaid decreases emergency room use and hospitalizations.

Seattle Children's is a powerful advocate for children and families working to expand access to healthcare that children need to grow and thrive. We are a founding member and active partner in the Health Coalition for Children and Youth, which advocates for state and federal policies to help children get the health care and preventive services they need. The coalition successfully championed Washington State’s 2007 Cover All Kids law, which expanded access to health coverage for children and launched Apple Health for Kids. Thanks to these efforts, approximately 97% of Washington children are privately insured or covered by Apple Health for Kids.

Health insurance changes may affect some families’ coverage at Seattle Children’s

Learn more about how health insurance changes may affect families' coverage at Seattle Children's.

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