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Immunization Schedule

Source: Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

Please see these resources from the Washington State Department of Health for specific school requirements:

Request an Immunization Record

You may access your immunization record from the Patient Portal.

To request a copy in the state Certificate of Immunization Status format, you may do so at any appointment, by calling us at 206-546-2421 or by faxing your request to 206-546-2421.

Washington state also offers direct access to the Certificate of Immunization Status via MyIR.

Why vaccinate your child?

Childhood immunizations are the safest and most effective way to keep children healthy.

Because we rarely see the devastating effects of diseases like polio and whooping cough (thanks to vaccinations), some parents wonder why immunizing children is still needed. We want to assure you that we are here to answer your questions and address any concerns you might have, so you can do what’s best for your family and community.

Are vaccines really necessary, and are they safe?

Immunizations are one of the most important ways parents can protect their children against serious diseases. Children should have 80% of their immunizations by age 2.

In the last 50 years, vaccines have nearly wiped out measles, polio and some forms of meningitis.

Vaccines strengthen the immune system by helping the body to recognize and fight some viruses and bacteria.

Vaccines work well even in the smallest infant, who faces the most serious risk from infectious disease.

Infants are more vulnerable to infectious disease than older children because their immune systems cannot easily fight off bacteria or viruses. The effects of disease are more serious in infants than in older children. That is why it is so important to protect infants with immunizations.

A child is much more likely to suffer permanent harm from the actual infection than to have a health problem from an immunization. Serious vaccine side effects are very rare.

Immunizations are extremely safe due to advanced medical research and ongoing review by doctors. National databases constantly monitor potential problems with vaccines.

Vaccines not only protect the child who receives the immunization, but they also protect every one of us from these terrible diseases. As we vaccinate more children, we increase protection for all people, including the elderly, weak and those who haven’t received all their vaccinations.

We are committed to making sure all of our families are fully informed so they can make the best decisions for their children, even those who choose to alter the recommended vaccine schedule.

School and Child Care Immunization Exemption Law

As of 2011, Washington state law requires that children must be immunized against certain vaccine-preventable diseases before attending a licensed child care center or school. Parents and guardians meet this requirement by filling out and turning in a Certificate of Immunization Status form, showing their child has the required vaccinations.

If parents or guardians want to exempt their child from immunization requirements, they must first get information about the benefits and risks of vaccinations from a licensed healthcare provider. The provider will sign the Certificate of Exemption form, which parents must turn in to the school or child care center to exempt their child. Please schedule an appointment to discuss your child’s immunizations and exemptions with your child’s physician.

For more information about school and child care requirements and exemptions, please refer to the Washington State Department of Health.

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