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PNW Undiagnosed Diseases Network SCH Clinical Site


What is the goal of the study?

Without an explanation for severe and sometimes life-threatening symptoms, patients and their families are left in a state of unknown. The National Institutes of Health helped create a network of medical research centers, called the Undiagnosed Diseases Network (UDN), to provide care and answers for these individuals. The UDN-Pacific Northwest site, at the University of Washington and Seattle Children’s Hospital, seeks to provide a diagnosis and care for people with undiagnosed diseases.

Who can participate in the study?

This study might be a good fit for children with undiagnosed diseases who: • Are at least 2 months of age and undiagnosed despite evaluation • Have already undergone extensive testing • Have a referral letter from a medical provider This is an international study. Families do not have to live in Seattle to apply.

Study Team: