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Non-contrast 4D flow imaging in Pediatric Patients: correlation with traditional CMR phase contrast and echocardiographic Doppler imaging.

4D Flow

What is the goal of the study?

This is a prospective study that involves the use of a new imaging software; 4D Flow at the same time as the traditional cardiac MRI (CMR) to allow the scan to be shorter in duration while giving us the same amount of information as prior traditional scans that are longer. The primary endpoint is to assess the accuracy of non-contrast CMR 4D flow imaging based peak velocities and flows in bicuspid aortic valve (BAV) and tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) in comparison with echocardiogram and traditional CMR phase contrast imaging. The secondary endpoint is to assess vessel size on accuracy of 4D flow measurements in comparison to traditional CMR phase contrast imaging.

Who can participate in the study?

Please contact the study team listed below to learn more.

Study Team: