Current Research Studies

Frequency of child-directed speech and caregiver-child verbal turn-taking before and after cochlear implantation using LENA.

Child speech and turn-taking pre- and post-CI using LENA.

What is the goal of the study?

The LENA equipment and software have the capability to digitally capture vocalization exchanges between children and their caregivers. Such information in this context has not be formally examined prior to and following cochlear implantation (CI) in children. The main aims of this study are to use the LENA equipment and software to measure the frequency of exchanges during pre- and post- CI time points: 1) number of adult words spoken to the child, 2) caregiver-child conversational turns, and 3) child vocalizations to other people in the environment. A secondary aim of this study is to measure the frequency of elements captured in the Audio Environment (including background noise, TV and other media noise) by LENA pre- and post- CI.

Who can participate in the study?

Please contact the study team listed below to learn more.

Study Team:

  • PI (Study Doctor): Vincci Chan