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How to Apply

Applications from teachers for visits can be submitted online using this application form.

About the Science Discovery Lab

Seattle Children’s Research Institute: Building Cure includes a next-generation science classroom, where students in grades 9–12 can do innovative curriculum in a state-of-the-art laboratory embedded in the research institute.

Teachers and administrators from all schools can apply for a half-day field trip with priority given to underserved schools. Field trips include a laboratory activity in the Science Discovery Lab and a tour including the Therapeutic Cell Production Core where immunotherapy products are made.

  • Field trips are offered in the morning on weekdays and last approximately 3 hours. Availability is limited.
  • Students must be in grades 9-12.
  • A minimum of 18 students participating is required in order to reserve a date. The maximum capacity is 32 students.
  • Schools must provide their own transportation unless a financial need for transportation assistance can be demonstrated.
  • Teachers can select from several laboratory activities linked to immunotherapy, gene editing or infectious diseases, including a protein assay, ELISA, isolation of white cells or DNA fingerprinting.
  • Signed permission slips are required for all students.
  • Students must be dressed appropriately to work in a laboratory, including ankle-length clothing and closed-toed shoes.

The curriculum meets the Next Generation Science Standards as well as state and national academic standards, and also incorporates current research methodologies and techniques with instruction from leading scientists and educators. Curriculum modules include:

Protein Analysis in Immunotherapy

Gloved hand handling scientific equipmentIn this 90-minute module, students will:

  • Learn about immunotherapy and emerging cancer therapies.
  • Use a spectrophotometer and Bradford assay to calculate the protein concentration of a sample.
  • Use data analysis software to create a standard curve and visualize data.

Using ELISA to Confirm Checkpoint Inhibitors

Smiling student in lab gear holding test tubeIn this 90-minute module, students will:

  • Learn about immunotherapy and emerging cancer therapies.
  • Learn about how key immune system functions can be used to fight tumor cells.
  • Use an ELISA to analyze two patient samples for receptor function.

Isolating White Blood Cells With Ficoll

Students in Science Discovery Lab looking through microscopeIn this 90-minute module, students will:

  • Learn about immunotherapy and emerging cancer therapies.
  • Learn about the different components of mammalian blood and their functions.
  • Use Ficoll separation to isolate white blood cells.
  • Use a microscope to determine white blood cell concentration.

Investigations in Infectious Disease

Student in lab glasses using equipment in Science Discovery LabIn this 90-minute module, students will:

  • Learn about the fields of epidemiology and infectious diseases.
  • Use standard epidemiological techniques to investigate an outbreak of foodborne illness.
  • Use gel electrophoresis to perform a DNA fingerprinting experiment.

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For more information, please email the Science Education Department.

Seattle Children’s thanks Microsoft for supporting activities in the Science Discovery Lab.