Science Education Department

Science Adventure Lab


The Science Adventure Lab team will be starting off the 2021–22 school year by offering virtual visits to students in Kindergarten through grade 6. Your class can join our scientists virtually in our lab at Seattle Children’s Research Institute for a live 20-minute lesson that includes a demonstration and time for questions.

Please contact us at for more information and to request a visit.

Available lessons include:

  1. Vital Signs – Includes demonstration of medical equipment used for measuring blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate and temperature.
  2. Exploring the Brain – Includes demonstration of electromyograph to measure electrical activity of cells and anatomy of the brain using cow brains.
  3. Catch Your Breath – Includes measurement of respiratory functions: oxygen saturation, peak flow and lung volume.
  4. DNA Isolation – Includes demonstration of isolating DNA from a strawberry.
  5. How Do Lungs Work – Includes demonstration of healthy pig lungs and simulated smokers lungs.
  6. The Heart – Includes discussion of the circulatory system, measurement of heart rate using an electromyograph, and investigation of heart anatomy using a model heart and real sheep heart.

Not able to schedule a virtual Science Adventure Lab visit? Read about activities (PDF) you can do from home!